Yao - Director

As the foruth generation of making fireworks, he spent his childhood life with his grandfather and parents in the fireworks factory, Believe it or not, he was born in the fireworks factory. The passion of fireworks is definitely his blood. He loves to spend time in the workshop and experiment new effect. After he studied five years in New Zealand, he came back to China and take over his family business and determined to make world NO.1 fireworks by interfrate the cutting edage technology, mordern management style and decades of tradition hand-craft experiences. He always believe fireworks is a art piece and we are using our beautiful fireworks to paint the sky. As a father of two, spending time with his two chilren Ryan and Alison is definately the time he enjoy the mmost. Kayaking and cooking are also in his interest list. You may have the privillage to try his beef noodle soup if you are lucky enough.

Anna - Product deparment

More than ten years of experiences of dealing with shipment. She has a lot of stories to tell you about shippment as she has been dealing with a lot "dramas". In the end, she has eveything worked out. She is always stand on customers' perspective and try her best to make your container worth for the money. Lovely anna likes to dancing and travelling. I am sure you can recogize her when you come to visit our office as she is the one always got lovely smiling face. 

Tina - Sales department

Tina has been working in our sales department for three years. Despite she has over eight years experiences working as sales manager in pervious company, she is always strive to improving herself by learning more our products in-depth. She take care of every client seriously  and professionally and try her best to help our client to slove any issue including after-sale services. Being mother of two, life can be busy. But her patient and empathy has always made our client felt they has been taken care of by her.

Mr. Kong - Quality control department

Mr. kong works in our quality controll department. Having pervious experinces working in CIQ, he is definatelly knows the meaning of "qualtiy". He takes every batch test seriously and ensure all the clinets' requirement has been meet before shipping. 

Xia - Product department

Xia is specalising in pack design. She pays attention to every single detail of the packings. She is always check the clients' packing requirments against her order. She has been working in the design industry for many years. She is very good at cordral, Photoshop and design related softwares.